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Masters of The Universe: Revelation Debut

Masters of the universe revelation 1

By the Power of … wait … this isn’t right …something is missing. WARNING: This review contains several MAJOR spoilers. Read at your own risk. Kevin Smith’s new (and highly anticipated) Master of the Universe: Revelation has finally arrived. But reviews are, well, as mixed up as Skeletor at Disneyland. Streaming on Netflix, He-Man fans … Read more

Transformers: War for Cybertron Synopsis and Characters

War for Cybertron

Announced in 2019 by Netflix and Allspark, Transformers: War for Cybertron follows the conclusion of the Prime Wars Trilogy. Distributed by Netflix and executive produced by Hasbro’s Allspark, Rooster Teeth and Polygon Pictures joined were brought in as well on the production side of things, although the addition of Rooster Teeth to the production effort raised eyebrows at … Read more

These Were The Best Vintage Toys from The ’80s

Popeye Goes Swimming colorform

The best vintage toys in the world are 80s toys. From Masters of the Universe to My Little Pony these beloved characters will forever have a place in our hearts and in history. Whether you were a collector of Garbage Pail Kids, or you remember falling asleep to the sound of Teddy Ruxpin telling you … Read more

Flintstones Characters – Everything you Ever Wanted to Know about your Favorite Flintstones Character

Pebbles Flintstone on a yellow card with the word Pebbles

Even though the Flintstones Characters were created in the 1960s, they ended u being one of the most popular cartoons in the 1980s. Nowadays kids are glued to their phones and watch YouTubers and Tik Toks. However, these streaming platforms don’t quite compete with the magical experience of watching your favorite cartoons on an early … Read more

’80s Slang and Sayings that are Totally Bitchin’

An animated hand with the pinky finger and the pointer finger extended.

The ’80s was an iconic decade known for unique fashion, big hairdos, and loud music. However, one characteristic of this decade that no one can forget about is the slang. ’80s slang and ’80s sayings put words to our most outlandish thoughts and they have influenced the language we use today. Some of these phrases … Read more

Everything You Want to Know About the History of the Cabbage Patch Dolls

Cabbage Patch Kids Babyland Hospital

Distinctively known for their bloated heads and slightly disturbing faces, yet somehow endearing with their soft appearance and huggable form, if there’s one doll that could define the ‘80s, it would hands-down be the Cabbage Patch Kids as they were the ultimate definition of a fad and its extremities in the 1980s. Created by artist … Read more

A Gigantic List of the Most Rad 80s TV Shows

The ’80s are oftentimes referred to as ‘the golden era of television.’ This decade saw a revolution in the television industry, as cable TV and home movie systems rose to prominence. Under the pressure of these new advancements in the entertainment industry, the television networks that once dominated the industry felt immensely challenged. These networks … Read more

Top 15 80s Rappers of All Time

Run DMC walking down a street together looking at the camera

This may come as a surprise, but ‘Hip Hop’ and along with it, rap, is actually one of the newer genres of music — having only been around since the 70s. But despite being somewhat of a newbie on the music scene, hip hop has managed to transcend the popularity of most other genres which … Read more