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Ghostbusters Characters and Cast from the Original, 1989 and 2016 Movies

Stay Puft Marshmellow man

Who’re you gonna call? Ghostbusters! With its first film released in 1984, Ghostbusters is a franchise considered as a cultural phenomenon and with a strong existing fan base today. Regardless if you’re a ‘90s kid or have a thing for goofy movies released in the mid-’80s, fans of this franchise are always rooting for its … Read more

Vintage Ghostbusters Toys from the 80s that no Fan can Live Without!


For 30 years the Ghostbusters franchise captivated audiences across the world with quirky one-liners and comedic jump scares. Its wide variety of shows and spin-offs have launched memorable lines of off-beat merch since its premiere in the early ’80s. Venkman and his pals have been immortalized in plastic, video and board game form – and … Read more