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Are Your old Toys Worth Money?

It seems like forever since we begged our parents to buy us the latest toy or the latest trend. We were often told that buying too many toys was a waste of money. However, if you happen to still have any of the old toys on this list lying around in your closet, they may actually be worth some cash. In fact, the nostalgic value is nothing compared to the large dollar value of several of the toys on this list. Here is a list of ten vintage toys worth money.

The Game Boy

Nowadays, video games have advanced so far that some games are hard to distinguish from reality. It is difficult to imagine that just forty years ago we had a small handheld game that could barely run 8-bit programs. The Game Boy may seem like a small achievement in hindsight, but it was a console that introduced iconic games like Tetris to the masses. The major success of The Game Boy lead to the release of The Game Boy Color and eventually the Game Boy Advance SP. Nintendo continues to release powerful handheld gaming consoles like The Switch, but it all started with the simple Game Boy. While it can’t run most games that we are used to today, it can still be sold for around $79.99 on most platforms.

The Real Ghost Busters Fire House Head Quarters


The Ghost Busters were a likable band of heroes that helped keep their city safe and fought off larger than life ghosts. It is no surprise that children all over the world wanted to run home and create their own zany stories about ghosts and The Ghost Busters. If you were one of those kids and bought your very own Ghost Busters Fire House Head Quarters you may be in luck. This particular toy is worth hundreds of dollars used. If you happened to be a kid with an insane amount of self-control, an unopened box of the Ghost Busters Fire House Head Quarters can be sold for over $600.00.

FireBall Island Board Game


Fireballs, Gods, and volcanoes, what is there not to love about the FireBall Island Board Game? There have been several variations of FireBall Island, but if you have a complete set from 1986, you can sell that to a board game collector for hundreds of dollars. If I were you, I would definitely play a few last games with my friends before selling it.

My Buddy Doll

A My Buddy Doll toy is almost as recognizable as the jingle that would play on television when their commercials came on. These dolls were an instant hit when Hasbro released them, and continue to be sought after even forty years later. A My Buddy Doll can be sold for almost $100 on any platform. The My Buddy Sister Doll can fetch around $125.

Strawberry Shortcake Doll House

Strawberry Shortcake dolls were released in the early 1980s. They hold a special place in our hearts because they signify a simpler time where all we needed were cute toys and our imagination. It is for that same reason, the vintage Strawberry Shortcake Doll House continues to rise in price. The current market price for this toy is just over $1200 and may be sold for even more.

American Girl Dolls


Do you remember these lifelike dolls that had impeccable fashion? We certainly hope you do and we hope you have one of these old toys lying around somewhere. Although the debuted in the mid-’80s, they live on as rare collectible dolls. If you own a first edition American Girl doll with her accessories you can expect at least a few thousand dollars for it. To put things in perspective, the original Samantha doll was recently sold for over $4000 and American Dolls are still being sold for these outrageous prices.

Laser Light Skeletor

Skeletor is one of the most iconic villains of the ’80s, but it didn’t always seem that way. The sales of He-Man toys were actually on the decline in the United States so Mattel decided to release a special edition Laser Light Skeletor. This old toy was actually not even sold in the United States which makes it a rare addition to any collection. While it is very difficult to find any remaining original Laser Light Skeletors if you do have one you can expect to receive over $300 for it. One still sealed figure sold overseas in 2012 along with a Laser Power He-Man for over $11,000!

Care Bears


A group of bears that care about the world around them…what more could you ask for? Care Bears were often sold in bunches and it was not odd to have a small army of care bears ready to be played with. However, if your collection of care bears are vintage enough and large enough you may be able to sell them for thousands of dollars. Some collections of Care Bears have sold for over $6000 and single bears sell regularly for over $150.

Megatron G1 Transformer

Transformers toys, in general, were wildly successful, but the Megatron G1 Transformer stands out as one of the more successful and bizarre old toys. It is simply a gun that is known for being very realistic looking and bearing the Decepticon logo. If your parents purchased a Megatron Gun for you, you are in luck. The Megatron Gun can actually be sold for thousands of dollars and significantly more if you kept the gun in the box. A sealed AFA 80 Megatron G1 Pre-Rub recently sold on eBay for over $8000.

Mego Elastic Batman

The world’s greatest detective, the dark knight, and also the most expensive old toy on this list. Remember the old Stretch Armstrong toys? This was the Batman version. With one version selling on eBay for over $15,000, the Mego Elastic Batman is definitely the prize of any collection. The winner of the $15,000 auction thinks that these days the same toy in the same condition could sell for as much as $40,000. There are rumored to be only two known existing Mego Batman’s in mint condition. If you were a fan of this caped crusader as a child, we hope you did not open your Mego Elastic Batman and have the third sitting in mom’s dusty attic right now.