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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Original Care Bear Characters

Regardless of age, gender or religion, in America, people know the Care Bear franchise as not only a household name but a mass media icon sometimes it’s just hard to remember all the original Care Bear Names.

Originating from the greeting card industry (American Greetings), Care Bears have quickly spread into retail outlets, home televisions, the big screen, computer/video games, and the hearts of not only children but adults born in the 1980s, the decade of the characters’ conception. The Care Bear family has now grown from just the ten original care bears to a whole ensemble of fun-loving animals—ranging from cousins, various reoccurring characters, evil antagonists, wandering children, and many more.

Inside the fictional world of Care-a-lot, the Care Bears embark on various zany adventures such as saving children from adversaries, protecting “the spirit of good”, teaching and practicing positive morals and values, and keeping each other safe, all while having a good time, at least for the most part.

The Care Bear family is always growing, however, in this article, we will provide insight and the Care Bear Names behind those Original ten iconic bears that started it all.

Bedtime Bear – The Blue Care Bear

Aqua blue Care Bear named Bedtime Bear with a crescent moon and stars symbol on his tummy
Photo credit: Flickr.com JD Hancock https://www.flickr.com/photos/jdhancock/5016097457


This aqua blue Care Bear with the moon and stars tummy symbol is known for his weariness. He ensures that every bear within Care-a-lot sleeps easy, providing sweet dreams for his neighbors while he patrols the night as a watch guard, ensuring the streets are empty, and everyone is at home in their beds as they should be. You can find him with his signature lantern, talking in his usual tired manner, and getting his thoughts out in between all his yawning. While he would rather always be sleeping, Bedtime not only patrols the streets but protects the dreams of all the animals in Care-a-lot. With the belly badge he wears on his tummy, Bedtime has the ability to enter and leave Dreamland (where one goes while sleeping) as he pleases, keeping the bedbugs away and the sheets tucked tight.

Birthday Bear – The Yellow Care bear

Golden yellow Care Bear, Birthday Bear, with a pink frosted cupcake with a single lit candle on his tummy
Photo credit: Flickr.com Becky Striepe https://bit.ly/32MTAst


Birthday Bear is a golden yellow Care Bear who ensures that everyone is loved and appreciated on their special day, their birthday. On his tummy symbol, he wears a pink frosted cupcake with a single lit candle. Due to the nature of his occupation, he is very fun loving, loves to party and always is having a good time, because it’s gotta be someone’s birthday somewhere, right? This party-in-a-bear will make sure on your special day, that you will never be alone and you won’t have to worry about setting up. His one biggest vice is moderation and, like any, hard partier, he just needs to learn to take it down a notch.

Cheer Bear – The Pink Care Bear

Cheer Bear, the Carnation pink Care Bear, with a product tag on her ear
Photo credit: Flickr.com laurenceshan https://www.flickr.com/photos/68134078@N00/400389802/


Cheer Bear is one of everyone’s favorite female protagonist bear, who takes care of other bears when they are feeling down. Due to her innate nature, she has even wound up as the leader of the bears in several instances. This carnation pink Care Bear is the embodiment of the golden rule, very fun loving, and makes sure to share cheer wherever it is needed, and even when it is not. She is only not whimsical and playful when she feels she cannot make someone who is down happy. Her Belly Badge carries the tummy symbol of a rainbow, and with it she has the power to manifest rainbows into real life and any form.


Friend Bear – The Orange Care Bear

Friend Bear, the light-orange bear, with two smiling sunflowers on her tummy, with four Care Bear tumblers at the back
Photo credit: Flickr.com Aimee Ray https://www.flickr.com/photos/merwing/8541220419/


This light-orange bear, with two smiling sunflowers on her tummy symbol was the first Bear to appear on the greeting cards that started it all. Friend Bear values community and kindness by only ever being herself she has learned that it is the best way to make friends. Not to be confused with Best friend bear or Amigo Bear, Friend bear stands out due to her ability to never stop talking. He, similar to Love-a-lot, has an uncanny ability to spark relationships, however in a different kind of manner than his bear companion.

Good Luck Bear – The Green Care Bear

Good Luck Bear, the green Care Bear with a four-leaf clover on his tummy, with green faux feather background
Photo credit: Flickr.com Hayley Mechelle https://www.flickr.com/photos/questa/1066625205/


The Green, sometimes Irish-accented, Care Bear, you guessed it, shares good luck with and for all bears in Care-a-lot. He is crested with a four-leaf clover tummy symbol. However, the petals rather than being teardrop-shaped, are actually, little green hearts, representing his good nature and love for others. Although it seems like he has all the luck in the world due to his belly badge, one could say it stems from his demeanor and his glass-half-full outlook on life. You can try arguing with this bear about the existence of bad luck if you are prepared to waste hours of your time.

Grumpy Bear – The Blue Care Bear

Grumpy Bear, an indigo blue Care Bear, holding an ice cream cone; on his tummy is a raincloud with falling raindrops and hearts.
Photo credit: Flickr.com JD Hancock https://www.flickr.com/photos/jdhancock/5002736203


Don’t let this indigo blue Care Bears name fool you. Grumpy bear, like all Care Bears, loves and values all his bear friends. He is more hardened and cynical than the other bears but, will still laugh and smile in good fun from time to time. While he may be the mechanic for all of Care-a-lot he is a little bit clumsy as well, known for bumping his head anytime his bear friends distract him if he is in the progress of his work. Just like his demeanor, Grumpy bear’s tummy symbol is a raincloud, but from it, there are both, falling raindrops and hearts.


Love-a-lot Bear – The Magenta / Pink Care Bear

Love-a-lot Bear, a Pink Care Bear, carries a red heart with a pink outline and a pink heart with a yellow outline intertwined on her tummy.
Photo credit: Flickr.com Andrew Hall https://www.flickr.com/photos/puffsdaddy/594100181/


Love-a-lot is another Pink bear, but bears more of a magenta tone and carries a red heart with a pink outline and a pink heart with a yellow outline intertwined on her tummy symbol. She both spreads love and loves to help others. She always plays the role of matchmaker in the world of Care-a-lot in the effort of sharing her love with life with all those around her. Love-a-lot’s motto has always been, “Love will find a way. And if it doesn’t, I will!” Through her insight of love, she has made even the most unlikely of relationship form into a lasting union. She has the tendency to use the word “love” in a constant and continuous fashion, almost to the point it seems to be the only word in her vocabulary.

Tenderheart Bear – The Brown and then Orangish/Brown Care Bear

Tenderheart, an orange-brown Care Bear with a red heart with a pink outline on his tummy; on his back is a bigger Stitch stuffed toy
Photo credit: Flickr.com Tristan Schmurr https://www.flickr.com/photos/58411470@N00/5279315937


This bear was the original leader of the bears and the old face of the Care Bear Franchise. He also has the hardest to remember Care Bear name.

Unlike the other bears, Tenderheart has worn two colors on his fur; he used to be brown, until later on, when he became recolored to an orangish-brown (although among fans it is often debated to be a brownish-orange). His tummy symbol (a red heart with a pink outline) remained the same, however. He tries his best to make sure everyone is the best that they can be. His responsibilities include initiating new members, of all animal kind, into the Care Bear Family, bestowing the famous belly symbols/badges to every new member and providing a haven for children away from the troubles of earth and into the magically land of Care-a-lot.

Funshine Bear – The Yellow Care Bear with a Sun

Funshine Bear, a yellow Care Bear, with a smiling golden sun on his tummy
Photo credit: Flickr.com Yerin Kay https://www.flickr.com/photos/yerin/1322153415/


Funshine Bear is yet another yellow Care Bear, however, his tummy symbol is a smiling golden sun, the perfect belly badge to represent his fun-loving personality. Through his sunshine crest, he has the ability to emit rays of light, which is utilized for more than just a flashlight. In times of darkness and crises, he provides beacons of hope using his power. Funshine is very childlike and a bit more immature than the other bears, preferring to play games, and be out and about. Like most children, he has issues with sitting still and hates being refrained in one place. Funshine’s character was female until the late ’80s.

Wish Bear – The Teal Care Bear

Teal Care Bear named Wish Bear inside a car; on her tummy is a smiling yellow shooting star with a gold comet tail surrounded by three other smaller stars
Photo credit: Flickr.com Pati https://www.flickr.com/photos/hippydelia/2760457119/



Although she is not a magical bear like her Care Bear name would imply, this teal bear tries her best to be. She listens to the wishes and dreams of her friends and helps them try to bring them to fruition while still reminding them you can’t always get what you want. Her tummy symbol is a smiling yellow shooting star with a gold comet tail surrounded by three other smaller stars. Wish Bear’s best friend is a Wishing Star named Twinkers who she met as a young cub. However, her best bear friend is Cheer Bear as they both share similar mannerisms. She gains great pleasure from helping her friends try to reach their goals even if they don’t manage to accomplish what they set out to do. Not only will she remind that your wishes don’t always come true, but also that they don’t always turn out like you would hope they would. She is very practical and sees herself as a matriarchal figure in the world of Care-a-lot and their caring mission.


The Care Bears are one of America’s most beloved franchises and ever growing. While there may be dozens of other bears and animals, the ten original Care Bears will always have a special place in the hearts of fans.

Which of the original Care Bears is your favorite? What Bears do you want to hear more about?

Inspired to read more about the magical land of Care-a-lot? Have questions about any Care Bear Names? You can shoot us an email on any questions you may have about this beary interesting universe.

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