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Giant List of the Greatest Smurf Characters of all Time

The Smurfs logo

Smurfs are small blue elf-like people who originally appeared in a comic strip titled The Smurfs. As the Smurf cartoons were extremely popular, they were later adapted into a TV series and a movie. Below is a list of Smurf names:


Smurfette in blonde hair and all-white pointed cap, sleeveless dress, and stiletto shoes
Photo credit: Michelle O’Connell https://www.flickr.com/photos/shellewill79/5664937733

One of the most well-known Smurfs is Smurfette. She is one of the only female Smurfs that exist and was the first female Smurf created. Smurfette has long blonde hair and wears a hat, a dress, and small heels. Smurfette’s hair used to be black, but it changed to blonde when Papa Smurf made her good. In the earlier stages of The Smurfs, she is the only female in the village.

Papa Smurf

Papa Smurf with red cap and pants and a white full beard
Photo from pxfuel.com

Papa Smurf is the top Smurf, the oldest, and has a white beard. Unlike the other Smurfs who mostly have white clothes, his clothes are red. He wears a similar hat as Smurfette but in red. He also wears red pants. Because he is the oldest Smurf, he is also known as the wisest—he is the voice of reason and gives the other Smurfs advice when they need it. He also can make magic spells and potions.

Hefty Smurf

Hefty Smurf wearing a white hat and pats while heavy lifting
Photo credit: Jacob https://www.flickr.com/photos/unclejakey/5211980797/

Indicative of his name, Hefty Smurg is strong. He has a tattoo of a red heart on his arm with an arrow through it. He is often seen doing the heavy lifting for the village and exercising to stay fit. He can be seen wearing a white hat and pants.

Brainy Smurf

Brainy Smurf in white hat and pants and round glasses, eyes closed while finger pointing in front
Photo credit: hjw223 https://www.flickr.com/photos/hjw223/3966532934

Brainy Smurf thinks he is the smartest smurf but is often wrong in what he claims. However, when he gives help to the other Smurfs, it usually does not end well. He wears large black glasses and is often seen with a book in his hand. He also wears the signature white hat and pants like the other male Smurfs. He is in no way humble and is often ganged up on by the other Smurfs when he boasts of his intelligence. The other Smurfs don’t listen to him.

Grouchy Smurf

Headshot of Grouchy Smurf in white hat and an angry expression
Photo credit: Jerrold Conors https://www.flickr.com/photos/itsmeng/2224668665

Grouchy Smurf looks like the other male Smurfs, however, he can be differentiated by his constantly furrowed brow and angry facial expression. He also often crosses his arms unhappily. He has a hatred for just about everything and likes to complain.

Clumsy Smurf

Clumsy Surf as a float-based balloon in a street parade
Photo credit musicwala https://www.flickr.com/photos/musicwala/6400713067/

Clumsy Smurf is constantly tripping over rocks and losing his balance. He wears white pants and a hat and doesn’t have any defining features compared to the other Smurfs. However, if you see a smurf falling over, it’s probably Clumsy Smurf.

Greedy Smurf

Greedy Smurf (left) carrying an open box full of cakes
Photo credit : Linda de Volder https://www.flickr.com/photos/lindadevolder/43089010501/

Greedy Smurf likes to hog all of the cake and eat it himself. In certain versions of The Smurfs, he is known also as a chef who cooks and bakes but eats almost everything he makes. Along with his white hat and pants, he can be recognized wearing an apron or eating cake.

Jokey Smurf

Jokey Smurf in white hat and pants, smiling while holding a gift
Photo from pxfuel.com

Jokey Smurf likes to play practical jokes on the other Smurfs. His favorite prank is giving another smurf a present that is beautifully wrapped in yellow and red wrapping paper. When the smurf opens it, the present explodes in their face, leaving a black smokey residue. He wanders around the village looking for Smurfs to trick and has a devious look in his eye. He looks like other male Smurfs with his white hat and pants.

Chef Smurf

Chef Smurf wears an all-white chef's hat, pants, apron
Photo from pixabay.com

Chef Smurf is the cook for the village. He wears a white apron and a chef hat along with his pants. In some renditions of The Smurfs, Chef Smurf and Greedy Smurf are combined into one character who is both a cook and also is a greedy eater.

Vanity Smurf

Vanity Smurf with a flower on his hat and carries a mirror together with Crazy Smurf and Applejack
Photo credit Clio CJS https://www.flickr.com/photos/clintjcl/31400812441/

Vanity Smurf is obsessed with himself. He wears a flower on his hat and carries around a mirror so he can stare at his reflection lovingly.

Handy Smurf

Handy Smurf is the handyman in the village. He is sometimes seen in blue or white overalls with a pencil behind one ear. His hat is shaped like the other Smurfs hats, but Handy Smurf’s hat also has a visor to perhaps block the sun as he works. He carries tools and is the worker bee of the village fixing anything that is broken. He also is an inventor and created the telesmurf (smurf version of the telephone), among other things. Clockwork Smurf and Clockwork Smurfette (listed below) were invented by Handy Smurf.

Clockwork Smurf

Clockwork Smurf in white hat and pants; his eyes, ears, and feet are made of wood
Photo credit: marcia furman https://www.flickr.com/photos/buttongirl/2266241354/in/photostream/

Clockwork Smurf was invented and created by Handy Smurf. He resembles closely to other Smurfs, but is a robot version and has wooden feet. He can help in the village with chores and things but can’t talk.

Clockwork Smurfette

Clockwork Smurfette was also created by Handy Smurf. She is also a wooden robot that cannot talk but can understand. She wears a white hat, dress, and white wooden heeled shoes, similar to what Smurfette wears. She has black hair that is tied in pigtails with bows. She was created to be Clockwork Smurf’s companion.

Scaredy Smurf

Scaredy Smurf is scared of everything. He is in a constant state of worry and his expression and eyebrows show he is always concerned. At times he is so scared he sweats. Sometimes, the other Smurfs make fun of Scaredy Smurf for being afraid of anything, even a tiny bug.

Tracker Smurf

Tracker Smurf is the explorer of the group. He keeps a feather in his hat and has a walking stick. He likes to track truffles using his sense of smell. Tracker Smurf is only in the cartoon TV show and was not in the original comic strips.

Sloppy Smurf

Sloppy Smurf is a messy one who is constantly dirty. He is often followed by a fly who is attracted to Sloppy Smurf’s smell and acts as Sloppy Smurf’s pet. His hat is dirty and has a patch from being torn and then mended. It covers his eyes so they’re hard to see. His pants contain holes.

Harmony Smurf

Three Harmony Smurfs playing different instruments in from of Conductor Papa Smurf
Photo from pxfuel.com

Harmony Smurf is a self-proclaimed musically inclined smurf. He plays multiple instruments such as the guitar, harp or drums, but is usually seen with a trumpet. However, Harmony Smurf, unfortunately, does not live up to his name and is a poor musician. The other Smurfs usually don’t want to listen to him play and ask him to stop.

Painter Smurf

Painter Smurf holding a color palette and paint brushes
Photo from pxhere.com

Painter Smurf is always creating art with his paintbrush and palette of colorful paints. He wears a white hat and pants but also wears a red jacket with a black bow around his neck. In the movies, he wears a black beret instead of his white hat.

Poet Smurf

Poet Smurf has a way with words and loves to write poems and recite them. He is always writing with his feather ink pen and a scroll of parchment. He is inspired by nature and likes to create poems that rhyme. His eyes are often closed as he’s writing or reading his poems, perhaps due to the passion he feels from his poetry.

Farmer Smurf

Farmer Smurf is in charge of agriculture around the village. He wears a straw hat and green overalls with a piece of grain between his teeth. He carries around a pitchfork or garden hoe. He grows and collects the food so the Smurfs can eat all year long, including in winter.

Natural Smurf

Natural Smurf wears brown overalls and a straw hat. He doesn’t like to wear shoes and walks around barefoot. He is in touch with nature and can talk to animals.

Lazy Smurf

Lazy Smurf doesn’t do anything. He is usually sleeping even during the day. He will sleep anywhere.

Reporter Smurf

Reporter Smurf conducts interviews for his newspaper. He walks around with a feather pen and a notepad ready to record a news story. He also wears a green visor on his head.

Tailor Smurf

Tailor Smurf sitting down while sewing a dress using three different colors of yarns
Photo credit N. M https://www.flickr.com/photos/sanfora/3872401078

Tailor Smurf makes clothes for the other Smurfs. His hat has some needles stuck in it and he walks around with a tape measure around his neck.

Dreamy Smurf

Dreamy Smurf is constantly daydreaming about adventures. He sits with his hands under his chin and looks into the sky. He doesn’t sleep all of the time as Lazy Smurf does.

Snappy Smurfling

Snappy Smurfling was formally Snappy Smurf. His age was reversed. He can be short-tempered and has an impatient look on his face with his hands on his hips. He wears a yellow shirt with a stormy cloud with lightning on it along with his white hat and pants.

Wild Smurf

Wild Smurf is even more one with nature than Natural Smurf! Wild Smurf was born in the wild and was a relatively new addition to the smurf village. He wears a hat crafted by leaves and a small triangular cloth to cover his body. The other Smurfs cannot understand him, but Wild Smurf can talk to animals.

Slouchy Smurfling

Slouchy Smurfling was formally Slouchy Smurf. His age was reversed. He often slouches in position. He wears a white hat, a red shirt, and white pants, all of which are loose and slouch on his body. His facial expression looks relaxed and laid back.

Nat Smurfling

Nat Smurfling was formally Natural Smurf. His age was reversed. He maintains the same qualities as when he was Natural Smurf where he loves nature and can talk to animals. His clothes also shrunk with him and he still has a straw hat, brown overalls, and no shoes.

Sassette Smurfling

Sassette is one of the only other smurf females besides Smurfette. She is small and has red hair that she puts in braids. She wears a white hat and pink overalls. Similar to Smurfette, Sassette Smurfling was born bad but then changed to good.

Baby Smurf

Baby Smurf wearing a diaper and a light green pacifier
Photo from pxhere.com

A stork brought Baby Smurf to the village. Baby Smurf has magic powers. The gender of Baby Smurf is unknown. Baby Smurf wears a onesie but has also been seen wearing a diaper and/or a baby bib.

Grandpa Smurf

Along with Papa Smurf, Grandpa Smurf is one of the oldest Smurfs who returned to the village after a five-hundred-year absence. He wears glasses, a yellow hat, and yellow pants. He has a long white beard and has a cane to walk with. Grandpa Smurf sometimes clutches his back like he is in pain but remains cheerful and happy.

Alchemist Smurf

As the resident alchemist of the village, Alchemist Smurf is constantly making chemical concoctions and magic potions. He wears a dark cloak with a moon on it and a hat with stars on it. He is often carrying a flask or vial that contains a colorful (sometimes fuming) liquid.

Timid Smurf

Timid Smurf is the shyest of all Smurfs.

Architect Smurf

Architect Smurf designs the smurf houses in the village. He walks around with a scroll (possibly blueprints or design sketches). The houses in the village are made in mushrooms.

Blacksmith Smurf

The Blacksmith Smurf works the iron and steel for the village. Not much is known about Blacksmith Smurf. He appears only in the Smurf comic strips and did not make it into the TV series or movie.

Barber Smurf

Barber Smurf cuts and styles everyone’s hair in the smurf village. He keeps a hair comb behind his ear and hair cutting scissors in hand. He wears a long white coat with his hat and pants to avoid getting hair all over him.

Doctor Smurf

Doctor Smurf wears an all-white coat and hat; he is using a stethoscope to a patient
Photo credit JD Hancock https://www.flickr.com/photos/jdhancock/3982830319/

As the doctor of the village, Doctor Smurf helps sick Smurfs. He wears a long white coat with his hat and pants with a head mirror on his head. He carries a bag with a red cross on it and a stethoscope around his neck. He is mostly self-taught and lacks a lot of medical knowledge. However, he does reference medical books when providing treatment and the village doesn’t have any other doctor.

Enamored Smurf

Enamored Smurf daydreaming while holding a purple heart on his back
Photo from pxhere.com

Enamored Smurf is in love with Smurfette. He constantly is thinking about her, daydreaming about her, and has fantasies of them in love. He looks like the other male Smurfs but walks around with a dreamy look in his eyes and hearts circling his head.

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