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Transformers Beast Wars

Beast Wars: Transformers was a computer-animated TV series that premiered on April 22, 1996, and ended on March 7, 1999. Transformers Beast Wars revolves around two factions of robots, the Maximals and Predacons, who engage themselves in both combat against each other and the violence emanated by the planet for survival. This war occurs at an older time on prehistoric Earth—in between Optimus Prime’s and Megatron’s first clash on Earth and when they awaken during the first episode of Transformers: Generation 1.

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Transformers: Beast Wars had its momentous achievements despite only lasting for three years: it was revolutionary in that this was the first Transformers series that featured CGI, received an Emmy Award for Outstanding Achievement in Animation, and also served as a prequel to the show Beast Machines.

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The characters are listed below in order of Transformers Beast Wars episode appearances:

Optimus Primal (51 episodes)

Photo credit: Flickr.com Pete Slaterhttps://www.flickr.com/photos/johnnywashngo/30315873934/


The protagonist in the show, Optimus Primal, is a descendant of Optimus Prime, hence the name he took after, and would lead soldiers in a war that could change the future of Transformers.

He was the starship captain of Axalon prior to being transported into the strange world, pre-historic Earth, wherein their actions would lead to life-altering outcomes.


Optimus Primal’s alternate forms include a jet-plane, gorilla, and eventually possessing a transmetal body. He has his occasional moments of self-isolation or self-absorption, but it is only because Optimus Primal is committed to bringing honor to the Maximals and helping other people. It is safe to say that not only was Optimus Primal able to live outside of Optimus Prime’s shadow, but also managed to surpass any other expectations or lack thereof that others had.

Photo credit: Flickr.com Pete Slater https://www.flickr.com/photos/johnnywashngo/30682191970/

Rhinox (49)

One of the crew members of the ship Axalon, Rhinox is a defensive strategist, with an ability to knock out Megatron’s original form in a punch. The intelligence, courage, and massive strength he possesses explain why he is second in command of Maximals.

His alternate form is a brown rhinoceros carrying two powerful machine guns, loaded with firepower.

While some perceive Rhinox as narrow-minded and obsessive at times, he remains to be an integral bot to the Maximals. He is quick to respond in times of crisis (with successful outcomes) but also knows when to step back and walk through life leisurely.

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Cheetor (49)

The youngest Maximal. Cheetor idolizes Optimus Primal. While some may say his youthfulness is most likely why he is always ready to fight and showcase his speed, it is also reasonable to think that it’s also because of how much is determined to prove himself to his idol and to others. His primary weapons are his Quasar cannon that releases bursts of explosive energy and his tail that transforms into a high-powered rifle that fires laser beams.

Megatron (48)

Photo credit: Flickr.com Pete Slater https://www.flickr.com/photos/johnnywashngo/34688260523/


Tired of living a life wherein Predacons are inferior to the Maximals, he is willing to do anything to achieve ultimate goal of bringing back the power and praises to Predacons.

His schemeful self allowed him to rebel with a small group of Predacons, despite the peace treaty signed between the Maximals and them. Megatron is heavily dependent on his power and takes advantage of his people’s fear in order to rule them and carry out his plans. Often, he wrecks his own plan by boasting to the whole world his tactics and cleverness, providing his enemies a chance to counterattack him.

Rattrap (67)

Rattrap appears to be fearful of direct confrontations and would rather avoid them when odds are against the Maximals. He took the form of a large rat, always armed with guns and bombs to protect himself from his fear of dying. Additionally, after being in so many battles, he knows well enough when to retreat to avoid putting his life on the line. Amidst his weaknesses, Rattrap is beneficial to the Maximals as he is able to participate in demolitions and sabotage with ease, being a natural trickster and spy.

Banner-80s-Toy-Store-Shirt-01Waspinator (48)

While he may not be one of the most brilliant bots in Transformers: Beast Wars, Waspinator is remarkable in that he was one of the Predacons who stole the Golden Disk from the Hall of Records. The fact that he is always at the epicenter of explosions makes him the show’s comic relief. These explosions often lead to loss of his components but luckily, Rattrap is always present to gather his severed parts. Waspinator’s resilience and durability are showcased by surviving the innumerable times has been shot down, blasted, and burned.

Blackarachnia (41)

A smart and dangerous Predacon whose deceptive and mischievous ways are both beneficial and harmful to Megatron for she is able to outsmart him. Additionally, Blackarachnia uses her cyber venom power to paralyze their enemies and mixes it with the power to mimic characteristics of other Transformers. She is a strong-willed woman who values her independence highly, yet she is still charmed by Silverbolt, something that eventually leads her to abandon the Predacons.

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Dinobot (39)

Dinobot has a strong sense of honor despite his devious appearance and personality. Because of this and the fact that he disapproved of Megatron’s leadership, Dinobot challenged Megatron for his command position. This conflict leads him to transferring to the Maximals and again, challenging Optimus Primal for leadership until they were stopped due to Predacon attacks. Amidst the initially shaky relationship after his transfer, this alliance with Maximals eventually led to salvation the bots by providing the Maximals tactical advantage against the others and more.

Tarantulas (38)

A member of the Predacon Secret Police and was one of the Predacons to accompany Megatron as they looked for the Golden Disk. While he has caused Megatron tons of problems, with his treachery as one of the reasons why, Tarantulas has also fixed many of Megatron’s problems. However, Tarantulas only considers fighting Maximals as a duty, it is not something that he genuinely enjoys. He is ultimately a scheming mad scientist, experimenting on living creatures in his secret lab that is kept away from Megatron as a secret.

Inferno (29)

Photo credit: Flickr.com Pete Slater https://www.flickr.com/photos/johnnywashngo/30653080304/


Inferno is a Predacon whose alternate form is a large fire ant and uses his ability to burn things as a primary weapon. His military-like personality explains why he salutes Megatron, refers to him as his Queen and calls the Base “The Royalty”. Meanwhile, his ant-like personality leads him to attacking anything in sight and as a bot with no future plans or personal ambitions.

Terrorsaur (26)

A pterodactyl who is determined to constantly improve his place within the Predacons, be it by forming deals with the Maximals or hunting for new resources. Terrorsaur attempts to overthrow Megatron due to his own visions of running the base but fails to succeed given his lack of courage and intellect. As one of the only two fliers within the Predacons, with Waspinator as the other, the two are an inseparable duo and is are always trying to put Optimus Primal down whenever possible.

Scorponok (25)

Photo credit: Flickr.com Pete Slater https://www.flickr.com/photos/johnnywashngo/29255458866


Scorponok was a G1 transformer and previously led the Decepticons because of Galvatron’s passing in the Head Masters series. Scorponok consistently tries his best to serve and impress Megatron but he always ends up being outwitted by Waspinator. He has the ability to switch from being a robot into two other alternative modes but unfortunately, the delivery of cyber-viruses by his cyberbee-drone is not always successful.

Silverbolt (22)

Photo credit: Flickr.com Barricade24 https://www.flickr.com/photos/114305749@N08/19665451836


He is a Maximal Fuzor that transforms into a wolf and an eagle during his beast mode.

Silverbolt has a black and white view of the world with a strong sense of conviction. No gray areas exist for him except for Blackarachnia whom he was able to bring into the Maximals platoon. While his ardent love for her caused him to question his morals, he remains to be proud that he was able to bring her in with him to the Maximals.

Quickstrike (21)

Quickstrike was part of many battles but was eventually destroyed by an Inferno blast from Nemesis warship. Still, he kept his violence and ready-to-beat-others-up personality. Although he seems to be easily manipulated by Megatron, Tarantulas and Blackarachnia are also able to steer Quickstrike towards the direction they want. This leads Megatron to using Quickstrike’s fear of death to control him.

Tigatron (19)

The damage that has been done to his stasis pod led to Tigatron having more Tiger-like characteristics than a typical robot. Still, he was appointed by Optimus Primal to patrol over the Northern Polar sector. Tigatron can transform his titanium tail into a quasar cannon that can vaporize Predacons and other enemies. His personal connection for the planet and nature influenced him to temporarily leave the war, with concerns about the damages it was causing the world.

Rampage (15)

Rampage, aka Protoform X, is a product of a Maximal experiment as they tried to recreate the indestructible spark Starscream possessed. Now, Rampage’s immortal spark only ensures the longevity of his cannibalism and misery-loving self. The pain and suffering that others were experiencing literally provide him the power to run amok and be the murderer that he is. Yes, this occurs even on days when it isn’t required of him to do so and he just feels like coming up with a horrible way to torture others.

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Airazor (14)

Not only was Airazor the only female Maximal in Optimus Primal’s original team in Transformers: Beast Wars, she also possesses aerial capabilities in her alternate form and has sharp eyesight. These strengths are beneficial to the Maximals’ fight in surveillance and recon. Because of her experience during birth, she considers Rhinox and Cheetor as a few of the family figures she never had.

Depth Charge (8)

Depth Charge’s life as an Imperial Peace Marshal at the Colony Omicron was altered after Protoform X destroyed the territory. The Rampage prompted him to seek justice or vengeance for his sector, disregarding the actual Beast Wars. There may be times where Depth Charge cannot help but express his sympathy towards however beings but at the end of the day, he remains as a dejected and emotionless being.

Ravage (4)

Ravages image description
Photo credit: Flickr.com Bayu Pratomo https://www.flickr.com/photos/20955852@N07/5329964631/


Ravage is a staunch believer of the Decepticon cause—the cause Megatron himself embodies. Thus, this is one of the reasons as to why he is branded as the most loyal Decepticon to Megatron. Ravage further proves this by hiding in shadows, patiently waiting for the right moment to strike against his enemies, executing his spying and war machine actions efficiently. Although his one and only weakness is bright light, the number of opponents who have survived after encountering him was small in number.

Tigerhawk (3)

Tigerhawk resulted from the body fusion of Tigatron and Airazor by the Vok aliens in hopes of putting an end to the disruption that has occurred on the prehistoric Earth. He is considered as the most powerful in the Beast Wars, given his capability to fly, possessing missile launchers under each arm, and other characteristics that protected him when in robot mode. In beast mode, Tigerhawk’s knifelike claws and teeth plus chainguns on his forearms appeared. And ultimately, his most advantageous power was being able to control the weather and terrains at any given time.

Starscream (2)

Photo credit: Flickr.com Barricade24 https://www.flickr.com/photos/114305749@N08/15902288807


He is the Air Commander of the Decepticons and is known for his stealth, ambitions, and most of all for his indestructible spark that can function despite not having an actual body. However, he is someone who is not exactly loyal to Megatron, unlike the other Decepticons.

Dinobot II

Dinobot II is Megatron’s attempt in replacing the departure of Dinobot to the Maximals. Using Dinobot’s cloned cells, he was experimented on and set-up to possess the original bot’s powerful and ferocious personality. Most importantly, he was made to become a bot with extreme loyalty to Megatron and as someone whom Megatron can control acting as a living weapon, ready to be launched in the direction of the enemies.


In Transformers Beast Wars, these energy-based aliens introduce themselves as the guardians of “The One” and developed the prehistoric Earth based on interests. The Vok spend their time working on “the Project” which exists to accomplish their plans. Unfortunately, these experiments often cause anomalies and disruptions on the planet.

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