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Mega List of ThunderCats Characters

Lion-O Thundercat holding a sword

With the constant stream of reboots coming out every year, it’s no wonder that Cartoon Network snatched the nostalgic ThunderCats up for their newest 2019 cartoon Lion-O and the ThunderCats. In the show, Lion-O and his fellow ThunderCats must recover from a sudden escape from their homeworld Thundera on the tumultuous land of Third Earth. … Read moreMega List of ThunderCats Characters

All of The Original Care Bear Names

Yellow Care Bear -Birthday bear

Regardless of age, gender or religion, in America, people know the Care Bear franchise as not only a household name but a mass media icon. Originating from the greeting card industry (American Greetings), Care Bears have quickly spread into retail outlets, home televisions, the big screen, computer/video games, and the hearts of not only children … Read moreAll of The Original Care Bear Names